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Refrigerator Redesign

by Leanne Ely, C.N.C

Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to ask each of you, if you would, kindly open your refrigerator door.

So how's it looking? A little messy? Maybe it's so full of food you can't even see the shelves anymore? If it's really bad, does it have a peculiar odor? And what kind of food do you have stored in there? A beautiful array of produce? Or a bunch of stuff you wouldn't want to tell your favorite Dinner Diva? :-)

Everything in life demands order; even in something as small as a refrigerator. Maintaining order reinforces a sense of peace instead of a stressed frenzy that comes hand in hand with disorder. And along with an orderly fridge comes what you keep in your refrigerator and where you keep it. This will affect, believe it or not, your choices. The what and where of food in your fridge can actually benefit a healthier diet if you take control of location and the actual food being stored. pointed at a study practiced by Cornell…

Fall is the Time to Commit to Family Dinner

Fall is the Time to Commit to Family Dinnerby Grace R. Freedman, Ph.D. The nip of fall is in the air, school is well underway, the kids' extracurricular activities are gearing up, and maybe new projects are getting started at work. Whew! This time of year can be the busiest season, often crammed with new schedules, new transitions and new commitments. Without a clear plan, family dinner may be the first thing to go or the last thing you want to add to a crammed schedule. As you re-think routines and priorities this fall, don't forget that family dinner can actually help you smooth out the day-to-day chaos. Family dinner can be there to provide structure and sanity, and to give you and your kids a good foundation all year.

We often hear about the long-term benefits of family dinner. It's true that family dinner is one of the only things that has been consistently shown to have a positive effect on multiple health and social issues, such as obesity, underage alcohol and drug …

Jesus Could Come TODAY . . .

was Reilly's response to seeing this sunrise today.

He said that the little clouds might be angels just waiting for the trumpet to sound. . .
He has been talking a lot about the Lord's return lately.
I love the tender heart that kids have.
He wants the Lord to return and he is concerned about the people he knows who don't know Jesus.

Or it could be that he has a Language test today.

Either way, my little man is precious!

We Will Never Forget

Great service and time of remembrance of 9/11 at Faith FWB Church, Goldsboro

College Football

It's that time of year. College football time. We are headed, with some Southeastern students, to Durham to go see Duke *ahem* play Stanford.