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Jennifer Knapp . . .

Found this article very sad. . .
So. I figure it's time to talk about the news that came out yesterday, that CCM artist Jennifer Knapp has been in a same-sex relationship for the past eight years.Read on here.

Top 10 Signs Your Sermon Isn't Going Well

From my husband's blog. . .too funny!

Top 10 Signs Your Sermon Isn't Going Well

Free Stuff in your freezer?

What's in YOUR Freezer? FREE Stuff!
Cedarlane Natural Foods is best known for making delicious frozen foods -- lots of them meatless, many organic, and loads of them guilt-free. Well, the brand could soon become your favorite food company EVER. Enter the "Stock Your Freezer for Free" giveaway, and you could score A YEAR'S WORTH of free goodies, from entrées to snacks to breakfast stuff! (Don't worry... it'll be delivered in monthly batches, not unloaded all at once!) Plus, a bunch of runners-up will get stocked for up to six months. The contest is open until May 19th, and you can enter as often as once per day. So get in on the action while you can. Who couldn't use an icebox packed with AMAZING food? Go for it, people!

Food For Thought: Ground Beef

Food For Thought: Ground Beef
By Leanne Ely, C.N.C. Dear Friends, Ground beef is a ubiquitous family favorite when it comes to dinner. Think about all the possibilities--there's sloppy joes, hamburgers, meatloaves, meatballs, skillet dinners--and endless variations of all of the above. How can you not love it?

Even if ground beef doesn't do it for you, there is something ground up that will work for you, be it chicken, turkey, pork or even TVP (texturized vegetable protein).

But my favorite way to use ground beef (or other ground up variables) is in the skillet-- the wonderful, heavy bottomed, at-your-service skillet. With a package of thawed ground round and a few tricks, you can have dinner in a hurry--no packaged mix necessary! You can save money by doing it yourself and save yourself and your family from those scary ingredients that even your high schooler couldn't pronounce. So let's get busy, here's what you need:

*1 pound ground beef (or other ground meat)
*1 onion…