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Fun in Myrtle Beach

At Faith FWB Church's Couples' Retreat

Little Cuties . . .

are the perfect travel food.

Addictive Behavior

This is the status I posted on my Weight Watcher’s Blog this morning--"Feeling great! Seeing the numbers go down on the scale is addictive!
I have been overweight most of my adult life. There! I said it. I feel better already!
Is it my heredity? That may play a factor. I come from "large" families. Diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and a bevy of other health issues have plagued my family (on both sides) for years.Is it my health? Possibly. I do have some thyroid issues that have hindered my efforts in the past.Is it my age? Hey! Now you've gone to meddling! :) It's true that when the big 4-0 rolls around (as it did for me this time last year), the metabolism starts to slow down.Is it my lifestyle? Church activities, soccer games, cheerleading practice, L-I-F-E. All of these contribute to the busyness of us. It's easier, and let's face it, cheaper (monetarily), to pull through the drive-thru and grab something from the Dollar Menu. (I …

Gettin Gussied Up at the Beauty Parlor

Whilst I am getting a new doo, the shop is too!

We win at Home!

JV girls & JV guys win tonight!

Away Games. . .

vs Trinity


The BEST coffee candy. EVER. I promise. It comes from Brazil. And I have several lovely friends who live there. Breanna brought me some from her trip home at Christmas. I love her!

The Ordinary. . .

I relish doing "the ordinary" things for my family (most days!) :)

Like grocery shopping. . .

The little things. . .

I'm thankful for decent tasting Fat Free dressing!


Nothing better than relaxing next to the fire!

Good times

Fun at Cracker Barrel after the Hilltop game!