Monday, January 10, 2011

6 Quick Memory Boosters for Moms

6 Quick Memory Boosters

A mommy’s brain only holds so much at any given moment. Whether you're feeling overwhelmed or just a little scatterbrained, the following tips and tools can help sharpen your memory:

Make lists: If you're worried about forgetting something important, write it down! The act of putting pen to paper will ease your anxiety and provide a handy record to jog you memory.

Brain games: The old saying "use it or lose it" is certainly true when it comes to mental acuity. To keep your mind and your memory sharp, try exercising it with games and puzzles like Scrabble, Sudoku, and crosswords.

Routine: If you always leave your keys in the same place, you'll never have to remember - or risk forgetting - where they are! Whether it's a hook by the door or the right pocket of your favorite jacket, try to put necessary items in the same place every time.

Sleep: One of the primary causes of poor memory is chronic shortage of sleep. Even a few extra hours can make a big difference in what details you can summon.

Exercise: Fitness and activity is almost as important as sleep in terms of memory consolidation and retention. Regular exercise improves the flow of oxygen to the brain and protects brain cells.

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