Thursday, June 9, 2011

30 Ways to Honor Dad this Father's Day

Here's just a teaser of the list that can be found here, at Mom Life Today.

1. Purchase small artists’ canvases. Let your kids paint pictures of themselves doing things with him.

2. Give him a jar filled with slips of paper on which you’ve each written things you appreciate about him.

3. Talk about the things you love about their dad or that he does well when he’s not there.

4. Express to him the things you love about him when they can hear.

5. Have fun making a “sneaky snack” to surprise Dad—one of his favorites.

6. Even when you disagree with him, demonstrate respect in the way you respond. (They’re watching.)

7. Pick up his favorite drink or snack while you’re out and about with your child.

8. Let them help brainstorm Father’s Day gifts he’d love. Get them excited and let them come help purchase it, wrap it, and make cards to go with it.

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