Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Top Ten Apps for Black Friday Holidays

Top Ten Apps for Black Friday Holidays

The looming stresses of the holiday season can be easily put to rest with the aid of only a few handy apps kept readily available on your smart phone or tablet device. And with Black Friday just around the corner, you may find that digital shopping guide in your pocket to be more helpful than ever in saving time and doing away with the piles of loose-leaf ad clippings.

1. iShop. Macy’s has proven to be a staple shopping stop for the holiday shopper over the years, making their all-in-one shopping app useful in avoiding the long lines of the department store by browsing merchandise online and even taking advantage of exclusive shipping offers.

2. Daily Deals. A product of Target, this app offers special deals and even includes a Target-tailored price scanner that makes checking prices on Black Friday a breeze.

3. Black Friday by BradsDeals. The end-all, be-all of Black Friday apps, BradsDeals serves as your aggregate source for every Black Friday ad and holiday special.

4. The Find. It can often be difficult to keep up with what retailer has what on sale during the madness of the holiday shopping season. Ease your frugal state of mind by using this app to not only scan UPC codes in stores, but be able to compare the store’s listed price with that of other stores in the area.

5. Tweets-Shop. According to modern norms, you’re no one if you’re not on Twitter. And according to the retail world, the same idea applies. Keep track of retailers offering unique sales offers via Twitter, including coupon codes.

6. The Photo Cookbook- Quick and Easy. So you weren’t fortunate enough to be handed down a rolodex of grandma’s famous holiday recipes? No worries, this collection of high-resolution photos and video guides, you should find concocting the perfect holiday feast to be no problem at all.

7. Walk Jog Run. The perfect and most cost-efficient personal trainer for after that hefty Thanksgiving meal, this app will not only direct you to the best running routes, but also provide you with an accurate calorie calculation.

8. TGI Black Friday. Create your own digital Black Friday list with the ability to email them to your  shopping comrades on the big day for the most effective “divide and conquer” strategy around.

9. TripIt. Keeping track of your holiday flight schedule can be a major pain for those who travel far and wide for their holiday memories. Mitigate the stress by keeping your receipts and itineraries all in one convenient, easy to access place.

10. Have2P. Shopping can take a very long time and nature may call during the most inconvenient times. Have2P is an app that will help you find public restrooms local to you so you can take care of business and get back to shopping.

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