Sunday, June 10, 2012

Making Family Memories--Fishing!

One of the things that Reilly has been asking to do since last summer is to go fishing. Now, for those of you who know me, you laugh at this. . .you know I am NOT an outdoor kind of girl. When we were growing up, our idea of "camping" was a deluxe cabin with central air and cable TV.  

Rodney was getting ready to leave for Brazil, so we arranged to borrow some fishing stuff (we didn't tell the kids what we were doing), secured a fishing spot (Granddaddy Alton's pond), got the kids out of school early (gasp. . .) and took them fishing.

Waiting for the fishies to come

Really mom, another photo?

Reilly. Happy.

Tom Sawyer. . .and her son.

Making a fashion statement

Allison was more interested in the horses than the fishing

She finally touched it

Reilly caught a fish!

Reilly's catch of the day

Then, Reilly had a snack and daddy caught a fish.

Then . . .I caught one!

Reilly . . . "It's wet & slimy!"

Celebrating with mom!

Allison did not catch anything . . . but she is determined to get one next time!

Making family memories, down by the creek bank.

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