Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My daddy

Dewey and Sharlene, circa 1967
My daddy turns 69 years old today.

I know that it is true, that he's actually 69, but in my mind . . . he's still 34 and holding. (Am I the only one who refuses to think of their parents as growing older?)

In honor of my dad, here are some thoughts about him (and for him) listed in no particular order:

  1. My dad *loves* to laugh. Some of my earlies memories of my dad are that of laughter.
  2. My dad is (and has always been) a good man. Ask ANYONE who knows him. He is a man of integrity and honor. He was invited to church by some friends when I was in first grade. He attended all services and was even very faithful to give to the church, even before he became a Christian.
  3. My dad overcame his childhood circumstances. Born to a single, teenage mom almost 70 years ago and raised by his grandparents, my dad had every "right" to be bitter and to allow his life to go in a downward spiral. He did not. 
  4. My dad was in the Army. Not only was he in the Army, he is a decorated sniper. 
  5. My dad started his career in finance right out of the army, but realized as soon as mom found out she was pregnant with me that he wouldn't be able to support a family on that salary. He made the decision to enter the coal mines. Although the money was much better, the job was very dangerous (especially 42 years ago . . . when he started there)!
  6. My dad adores my mom. They have been married for 45 years. In the good times and the not so good, I never wondered if my dad and mom were going to split up. I KNEW that they were in it for the long haul.
  7. My dad adores my sister and me. You will never meet a more supportive, loving daddy. I promise.  he used to bring us a "surprise" home from work...a little Debbie lunch cake that mom had packed in his lunch  bucket the night before.
  8. My dad thinks the sun rises and sets in his grandbabies. 
  9. My dad is a godly leader. My daddy was never called to full-time Christian service, but he has been the biggest cheerleader for every pastor he has ever sat under. He has also been a deacon, treasurer, sat on many a board and everything in between.
  10. My dad is generous to a fault. I saw this as a kid and it continues today. I have seen my dad and mom buy groceries for needy families, when they could barely afford to buy groceries for us. I have seen him hand a credit card to our pastor and say, "Go have a good time on vacation, your gas and snacks are on us." 
My Main Men, Christmas 2012

Fooling around at CFA

Dewey and Erica

Dewey and his momma, Janovee 
The whole crew at Mama Miller's house

Us, Summer 2013

The list could go on, but suffice it to say, I love my dad. He was the first man I ever loved.

Happy Birthday Dad! (6 foot 2 with eyes of blue!)

I hope your day is as wonderful as you. 


Linda said...

Dewey has been a faithful man of God since I have known him. I consider him and your mom to be my friends and I respect them both for the stand they take for Jesus. Wish him a happy birthday from me too.

Sharlene Cook said...

To God be the glory! Great things he has done.

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