Friday, January 14, 2022

The Story of Redemption - Day 14

Genesis 40-42

God will work every part of our lives and every chapter of our stories for our good and His glory.

We see Joseph still in prison, interpreting the dreams of the butler (cupbearer) and the baker. Joseph asked the butler to remember him and try to help him get out of prison. It wasn't until Pharoah had some strange dreams about skinny/fat cows and skinny/fat ears of corn, two years later, that the butler remembered his promise to Joseph.

Joseph was very careful in Fenesis 40:8 and 41:16 to let everyone know that God was the One who gave him the interpretation of the dreams. 

"Joseph endured unjust suffering and trials throughout his life, but his suffering points us to the One who has suffered in our place. For our good and His glory. 

Joseph was made the second most powerful man in the land of Egypt. From prisoner to vice president in one day. 

When the famine finally strikes, Joseph's brothers come to Egypt to get food. They didn't recognize him, but he knew who they were immediately. Simeon is kept in prison until they return with Benjamin. The brothers argue that this is punishment for what they did to Joseph all those years ago. 

"Joseph's story reminds us that our Faithful God will not forsake us and that we can trust His plan, even when it does not make sense in our finite minds."

The Story of Redemption, Volume 1 | Genesis - 2 Samuel by The Daily Grace Co.

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