Monday, January 3, 2022

The Story of Redemption - Day 3

Genesis 7-9 

Noah’s story points to Jesus. 

2 unclean animals

7 clean animals

They were in the arc 371 days, start to finish. 

This was a new beginning, a fresh start. 

Ark = salvation, redemption 

“The ark is a beautiful picture of the safety and security of salvation inJesus, and it’s one door reminds us of the one way to salvation.”

Noah planted vineyard and became an alcoholic. Ham saw his nakedness  and instead of covering him, went out  and laughed about it to his brothers. Shem & Japheth covered him. 

Ham cursed.

Jesus came through the line of shem.

“We can be confident that He is always faithful to His children. Even when we fail—as Noah did at the end of chapter 9–God‘s favor and faithfulness is based on who God is and not on what we do. He is always faithful.”

The Story of Redemption, Volume 1 | Genesis - 2 Samuel by The Daily Grace Co.

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