13 Simple Ways to Save Money

I found this simple list last week online. They are practical ways to save. What do you do to save money?

1. Stay home. The more you are out running around the more money you spend in purchases, gas, food, etc.

2. When you must go out combine errands. Gas is expensive, if you can combine your errands into a once a week trip you will save money and time.

3. Pay with cash. This has been endlessly debated, but statistics show that people spend 12-18% less when paying with the green stuff, and I don’t mean American Excess.

4. Eat at home. Unless you are a single person eating off the dollar menu at Wendy’s, it is hard to eat out for cheaper than what you can make
at home. Strapped for time, bulk cook on the weekends so you will have food during the week.

5. When you leave a room turn out the lights. I am amazed at how many people don’t do this. (including my kids!)

6. Cut your shower time in half.

7. Menu plan. Once again, this takes a few minutes at the beginning of the week and save tons of money by avoiding extra trips to the store
throughout the week or dining out because nothing is planned for dinner.

8. Don’t grocery shop when you are hungry.

9. Make a grocery list and stick to it. No impulse purchases.

10. Make one meatless meal a week. Hey, beans and rice are cheap.

11. Get a library card. The library is free entertainment, from books to movies, to cds, libraries are an underutilized resource in my opinion.

12. Drink more water. It is cheap and good for you.

13. Recycle. I am not talking about putting things in your recycle bin, although that is a good idea too. Before you throw something out think about how you might use that item for something else. Worn socks = dust rag, shoe box = mailing box, coffee can= storage for kids crayons. The possibilities on this one are endless. If you can reuse it then you are probably saving yourself time and money by not having to purchase something else.


Your blog is great! I'm from the UK and i just googled "Mummys who cook" and found you :)
My friend and i just started a 'cooking moms' blog:
http://thebigstoveyear.blogspot.com pop over!? x
Anonymous said…
Great Post!! and tips!! saving money is always important aspect of our live lots of people saving their money in different way, like online shopping,using coupon,hoping for discount,Insurance etc.

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