Free coffee and coupons at Starbucks today!

Free coffee and coupons at Starbucks today! National Coffee Day!

Today is National Coffee Day and Starbucks is celebrating by introducing a new way to brew a cup of coffee anytime with the kickoff of Starbucks VIA Ready Brew instant coffee. The convenience of Starbucks VIA, coupled with the industry experience of Starbucks, will allow consumers to take a great cup of fresh-brewed coffee with them wherever they go.
Starbucks is so confident that coffee drinkers will love the new VIA Ready Brew instant coffee, they are inviting
customers to come in and be a part of the Starbucks VIA Taste Challenge on September 29th. National Coffee Day will be a busy one for Starbucks to begin with, not to mention the addition of their new instant coffee product.


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