Sunday, January 31, 2010

100 Mommy Cards for $2 + S & H

100 Mommy Cards for $1.99 + Shipping
One of my friends bought me my first set of Mommy cards when my daughter was young, and I love them! They are a great way to share info with other moms, teachers, coaches and more.

Right now, Vistaprint is offering 100 Mommy Cards for $1.99 + Shipping. Shipping is a little over $4 when you order 100 cards. You can also order 25 cards for $0.99 ($3.48 shipping) or 50 cards for $1.49 ($3.98 shipping).

These cards aren’t just limited to moms – they would be useful for anyone!

Get all of the details and create your cards here.

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