Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Would you please pray with me. . .

This is a note from my mom, Sharlene.

Long story short, they have purchased a home in Asheboro, NC near my sister where they plan to retire. They need to sell their house in WV by February 2011, when my dad retires from the coal mines after 39 years. Although they have shown the house several times, it is still on the market. Please pray that their house will sell soon. It would be a huge financial burden lifted from them as they enter this next phase of their lives.

Thanks in advance for your prayers,

Just wanted you to know that dad showed the house this morning. The wife and the two mothers were very excited, took pictures. She said she definitely wants it pending what her husband has to say. He couldn't come because he was hurt last Tuesday in the mines but will probably be able to come over by the end of the week. She wants to bring the fathers also. They have their down payment and a bank prepared to finance for them. They lost out on a house before their financing went through but are ready now. Please, please pray hard that this is THE one.
Love you very much,

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