In the Land of Legos

Last night Reilly and I spent some quality time together.

Rodney is in Florida for his cousin's High School Graduation (congratulations Joseph) and Allison is at an overnight birthday party (Happy Birthday Jenna).

It was just the boy and me.

So this is what we did . . . and we had a blast! Just to clarify,he put it all together. My job was to locate the pieces and hand them to him. Sort of like a surgeon's nurse, except it wasn't surgery and I'm not a nurse!

It kinda makes me sad that he didn't need much help putting it together. At Christmas and his birthday (a mere six months ago), I was his go-to person, putting together multiple sets "with him" (while he played his DS). And now, I just hand him the pieces.

I am not in favor of him growing up!


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