Saturday, October 27, 2012

Do you edit photos?

As I was beginning to work on my Christmas cards last night. . . . Yes. Christmas cards. If you would like a further explanation, please see this post.

Anyway, as i was beginning to work on my Christmas cards last night, I was going through the photos that we had taken at the NC State Fair (see aforementioned post). One of the things that I noticed was that although the photos were good, some even great, they needed a little extra "umph". (Yes, I realize that "umph" is not technically a word, but it does embody the point i was trying to make.) 

At that exact moment, I remembered a post that I had read over at my friend Julie's blog, Corbett Capers. The post was entitled "How to Add Text to Photos - 4 Surprisingly Simple Tips" and you can go there by clicking here. In the post, she mentioned a site that I had never heard of called Pic Monkey. On the site, you can upload photos, add  text, edit exposure  adjust sharpness, crop or re-size photos and you can also apply lots of different effects, along with many other things that I haven't even discovered yet! 

As Julie points out, *Notice the crown icon on some of the effects? Those are called Royale Effects, and they will eventually be available only with Pic Monkey's paid membership. They are free for now, though :)

And did I mention that it’s free? No registration required. You can save your edited photos, email them, tweet them, and/or post them on Facebook. If you have any doubts about the absolute coolness of Pic Monkey, please click here to see the list of “Goodies” that the site offers. If you like to edit or are new at the whole process, this may be for you. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Back to the Christmas cards. . .I did get them finished. I have three to choose from. So many choices, so little cash! ;)


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