Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Summer of Love--Part 1 (Lancaster & Simi Valley)

OOOH. You want to take me to
Working on the Holloman Family Christmas card (see posts here and here), has led me into a contemplative state of mind. Looking back over the past year while looking for appropriate photos for the Christmas card has allowed me to

  1. wonder why in the world I do not have a better handle on digital photo organization, and 
  2. reflect on God's matchless goodness to us this year.
Let's talk about #2!

This summer marks a first for me. I was able to take a trip (with Rodney, of course) to the left coast. In June, we were given the opportunity to attend the Spiritual Leadership Conference at Lancaster Baptist Church. Being in full-time ministry can be challenging, anyone will tell you that. It is a wonderful thing to go and have your batteries recharged and that is exactly what happened. We were able to meet up with friends out there and had a wonderful time of fun, fellowship, FOOD (of course) and Spiritual renewal (sorry, couldn't think of a word that starts with an "f" to continue the alliteration.) 

Bob Hope International Airport--
Burbank, CA

Lancaster Baptist Church

Lancaster's Choir-WOW!

Melissa & Daniel Mann,
 Logan Wolf (missing Greyson), and Rodney

First In-and-Out
Animal-style double burger & fries

Logan and the Chocolate Motherlode Cake
at Claim Jumper

Del-Taco, ummm. Not so much.
Taco Bell would be a step UP!
 At the close of the Conference, Rodney and I headed to the Reagan Library in Simi Valley. It is in a beautiful spot on the top of a mountain. To say that I was moved with nostalgia would be an understatement. Seeing President Reagan from his humble beginnings through his death was powerful. I was moved to tears as I watched videos of his funeral.

The Library of a GREAT man

I can see why he loved this place so much. It is beautiful!

Getting ready to go into the  Library.

Leaving there, we headed to San Diego . . . 

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