Monday, January 10, 2022

The Story of Redemption- Day 10

Genesis 28-30

Jacob’s life was full of struggle, and though he was raised in a family who knew the Lord, it was not until he had a dream that he truly met the Lord for himself. Even when we do not understand, his ways are good. 

On his way to his mother’s family to find a wife, Jacob has a dream. God reminds him of the Abrahamic covenant. Jacob responds with and if/then statement. He has conditional terms for the God of the universe. No relational Debs. He was more interested in the benefits in a relationship with the Lord. He name of the place Bethel.

He finds his family and serves 14 years plus for two wives. Lea and Rachel. Lots of jealousy, lots of resentment, and right in the middle of all of it we see Judah’s birth. There was a shift in Leah’s attitude. Instead of “maybe this child will make my husband love me” to I will praise the Lord…

There is a strange exchange between Jacob and Laban. In Bible times, the herdsman believed that whatever the animals saw while they were mating affected the offspring… Spotted, speckled, ringstraked, etc. That’s why Jacob put the sticks at the watering hole. He was hoping to weigh the balance in his favor.

In all of this story, we see God at work. Here’s yet another dysfunctional family that the Lord is using to bring the promised Savior into the world. God uses us right where we are.

The Story of Redemption, Volume 1 | Genesis - 2 Samuel by The Daily Grace Co.

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