Tuesday, January 11, 2022

The Story of Redemption - Day 11

Genesis 31-33

Throughout the life of Jacob, we repeatedly see struggle.

“Through the life of Jacob we are reminded that living a life of blessing does not mean living a life free of sorrow or struggle. Jacob was clearly chosen to receive a special blessing but he also experienced intense struggle.” Some of it was brought on by his own actions and some was not his fault in anyway.

After an intense conversation with Laban, Jacob finally was able to head home. Realizing that he was going to encounter Esau, who he had cheated repeatedly, Jacob would be fearful. God came to him in a dream. He wrestled with the Lord all night long and begs God for a blessing. This signals a change of heart in Jacob. Before, he had been more concerned about his own benefit, but now he is begging God for a blessing. At the end of this night of wrestling, God changes his name to Israel. Jacob realized that he had seen God when he named the place Peniel, which  means I have seen the face of God in my life is saved. 

Jacob now prepares to see Esau. Much to his surprise, Esau ran to meet him, hugged him, and wept. Both of these men had a supernatural change of heart. Only the Lord could make this happen.

“Jacob‘s life of struggle is one part of the story that would culminate in the Messiah, and though Jacob was far from perfect, God showered him in grace and brought the Messiah through his line. Not only that, but Jesus uniquely appeared to Jacob. God had not forgotten his promise to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Every moment of the journey was worked together by God.“

The Story of Redemption, Volume 1 | Genesis - 2 Samuel by The Daily Grace Co.

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