Friday, January 28, 2022

The Story of Redemption- Day 27

Exodus 31-33

“The rest God promised his people is rest that can only be fully found in Jesus.”

It’s easy to be disturbed, frustrated, and even flabbergasted by the Israelites actions, until we realize we’re just like them. Trying to serve gods of our own making.

The sabbath rest is a symbol of the people yielding to His law and trusting in His provision,

God’s anger grew hot but Moses reminded Him of the covenant He’d made with Abraham. As Moses came down the mountain, he saw the debauchery and smashed the tablets that God has written with His own hand. He ground the calf into powder and made thw people drink it. 3,000 leaders of the rebellion died at the hand of the Levites. God promised He would protect them as they went into the promised land but His presence would no longer be with them. They mourned. 

Moses met God as a friend and reminded Him of covenant, forgiveness, etc. God honored Moses and his persistent faith and returned His presence to the people. Israel was saved by Moses’ is bold faith. Just as Jesus stands before the Father to intercede for us. When God feels far away, remember the character of God and worship in the waiting. 

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