Monday, June 23, 2008

Hip Tips--Cereal Bag Uses

Another handy use for empty cereal or cracker bags: use a double layer to separate pieces of chicken, meat, fish that you are freezing to use later.

The sturdy cereal bags don't stick to frozen food so it is easy to take out just the amount you want, or to have recipe ready pieces in flat, separated groups ready to easily and quickly defrost.

Prep the chicken/meat/poultry into serving size or meal size portions. Or slice so it is recipe ready (e.g., round steak in strips ready for a crock cooker meal; chicken in pieces ready for a stir-fry).

Then, to freeze, cut the wrap a little smaller than the size of the freezer bag. Use 2 layers of wrap. Put one layer of pieces on top, put it in the freezer bag. Then turn the freezer bag over, and put another layer of cut up meat, chicken or fish on the wrap.

Press out the air, seal tightly, and freeze after marking the bag with the contents, amount or weight, and date. You can take out as much as you want. The sturdy cereal bags don't stick to the frozen food. Far superior to waxed paper.

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