20 Things to Make With Leftover Turkey

From Heavenly Homemakers:

  1. Turkey Sandwiches (oh please, surely I can be more creative than that)
  2. Turkey and Rice*
  3. Turkey and Noodles*
  4. Turkey Salad* on Rolls
  5. Turkey Roll Ups (Spread mayo and/or mustard on a soft flour tortilla, sprinkle on small bits of turkey, cheese, pickle, whatever…and roll it up.)
  6. Turkey Chef Salad (Greens, turkey, cheddar cheese, boiled egg, carrots, tomatoes, peas…yum!)
  7. Turkey and Biscuits (I’ll share this recipe later in the week.)
  8. Turkey Pot Pie (follow the recipe for Chicken Pot Pie in the Free ebook For the Love of Pie)
  9. Turkey Tortilla Melts (Make these just like a quesadilla, just add turkey pieces)
  10. Turkey Tacos (Simmer turkey in a little water with salt and chili powder…serve on flour tortillas with taco fixings.)
  11. Turkey Tortilla Soup (follow this recipe, just subsitute turkey instead of chicken)
  12. Turkey Stir Fry (follow this recipe, just add turkey)
  13. Turkey and Dumplings*
  14. Turkey Enchiladas*
  15. Turkey with Spanish Rice*
  16. Turkey Alfredo*
  17. Turkey Quiche*
  18. Turkey-n-Veggie Scramble (add turkey to this recipe)
  19. Turkey Tostadas (Make like turkey tacos above, just fry your tortillas in olive oil to make them crisp.)
  20. Turkey and Rice Stew*


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