Coffee Cozy Giveaway

Check out Megan's Munchies for a chance to win a free Coffee Cozy!

Here's what the etsy site has to say:

Bagel Creations is the home of the Chico Cozy ™. The Chico Cozy ™ is named after the city in which it is made. Chico, CA is a great place to live with a great sense of community and a deep appreciation for the environment. Chico Cozies ™ are made from high quality fabrics and lined with insulbright. An elastic loop and button make them adjustable so that they fit nearly any disposable cup. Perfect for wrapping around hot or cold drinks, a Chico Cozy ™ is the perfect way to cozy up your world! Find more info at

These look amazing and look like something that would be used a lot around here.


Meg said…
CONGRATS! You won the coffee cozy. Please send me your address at so I can get it to you!

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