Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Just a Few Random Thoughts. . .

Make a Non-Toxic Cleaning Kit. Find out how here.

How to make your own Sunscreen-- Oh if I had only seen this BEFORE we went to Florida!

Fine dining isn't always so "fine." Sometimes that delicious meal is tainted by overcooked meat, still-frozen food, caterpillars nestled in the greens or other surprises that ruin a perfectly good dinner. Read this article about The Etiquette of Sending Back Meals.

DIY for making dryer balls from wool yarn rather than the blue plastic PVC alternative.

Interesting Recipes-very frugal

Save 70% off of $25 Gift Certificates when you use code SEVENTY.Pay $3 thru 7/13/09 only at

Free envelope template here and here.

Free Birthday Pixy Stick Project. Check it out here.

Free CUTE Bookplate Template here.

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